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How to Apply for A US Immigration Bond

Many immigrants and detainees are released on a nationwide immigration bond in the US every year. For one to be able to get an immigration bond or even to get the lowest of the immigration bond, it is vital to have an attorney of which you can discuss your case. You should have a specific attorney who has studied immigration law and also someone who has a vast experience in handling deportation or immigration cases. In order for one to be eligible for an immigration bond, he or she must meet the criteria of not being convicted for any kind of serious crime and also a person that has not arrived in the US as an alien.

When you have a past history of convictions or arrest, you must discuss with an immigration lawyer who has experience in immigration law and sees if the mistakes can stop you from becoming eligible for bond. One important thing to note is that even if your charge was dismissed, it might still have a negative effect when applying for an immigration bond at The decision of getting an immigration bond lies in the hand of an immigration judge even if you are eligible for one. It is also essential to request for an immigration bond hearing even if you think that you do not qualify for it.

You should check with the immigration and customs enforcement abbreviated as ICE to see that if they have already set an amount for the immigration bond for your release. If the amount of immigration has been set too high, your immigration attorney can ask the ICE to reduce it to a reasonable amount. He or she can also provide documented evidence that proves that you are not a threat to the community or the society and that you do not pose any flight risk. Make sure to discover more here!

Your attorney can request an immigration bond hearing with an immigration judge if the ICE set a bond that is too high or even refuses to set the bond. Once the request has been sent your case will be ready for hearing in less than two weeks. The immigration judge will look at the documentary evidence from the immigration attorney that shows that the detainee has no history of immigration violations, has lived in the US for many years, has attended court hearings and that he or she is financially stable. When the judge establishes that you are eligible for an immigration bond and that the bond amount has been set, the attorney will start the process by calling the US immigration bonds so that you are released. Should you wish to learn more about bail bonds, visit

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